Chaucer – A Vertical 3D Printer, First Print

I completed my first successful print on Chaucer, a vertical 3d printer. The printer and associated project is called Chaucer, named after Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English Literature. Chaucer the printer is modeled after a vertical milling machine, making it a very useful tool for experimenting with high speed printing and prototype print heads.

Chaucer – A Vertical 3D Printer, Taking Shape

Chaucer is a derived from an earlier printer designed by David Kennell, posted on Thingiverse. When I decided to design and build a printer that would help me develop a deep understanding of the 3d print pipeline, and to provide a test platform for high speed printing with multiple experimental print heads, I knew I needed to model it after a vertical milling machine. David’s open source project, which he dubbed the Pocket Printer, gave me a great place to start. David’s generous help was instrumental to my success.

Here is an early photo of Chaucer before completion. I like the way the cloudy blue sky reflects off the mirrored print bed.

Watch the short video clip of the first print.

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