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Chimps to The Rescue

I had been experimenting intensely for several weeks with making all my sites mobile friendly. I would get it just right, perfect on all browsers and mobile devices, then make a minor improvement that I thought had nothing to do with presentation, and … BOOM!. My site would blow up, scramble itself, or go blank with a gray screen of death — an empty web page that didn't even have enough class to default to a white background. Lots of trial and error, with the emphasis on error. I'm thankful that I do not make my living designing web sites.

Last week I stumbled on Continue reading

2-Million-Year-Old Email

Just out of curiosity, I did a little calculation today to see just how long the flash memory contents in an iPhone would last. The iPhone uses an ARM processor, so based on the Philips specifications of 20-years for flash NVRAM data retention, and a maximum of 100,000 erase/write cycles, and assuming the iPhone reflashed itself every twenty years — which is possible through ARM IAP – In Application Programming, your old email and photos will be around for about 2-million years. I’m guessing the iPhone might evaporate before then, but just in case, don’t leave anything lying around that you don’t want read.