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The Hunt for The Lacamas Lake Monster

I first saw the monster about seven years ago when my Australian Shepherd Kix and I were on the return leg of an evening kayaking trip up Lacamas Creek. It was a very large fish – I don’t know what kind, but it was large enough to swallow a Cormorant whole. I wrote a blog about it, and republished here.

Staging Area

Last Saturday, the first day of Spring 2010, sixteen of us from our DoLife Kayaking group braved an exhausting yet exhilarating kayaking expedition hunting for “Massy”, our legendary Lacamas Lake Monster.

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A Cormorant Named Jonah

Originally posted August 14th, 2008

When Kix, my Australian Shepherd, was nine weeks old, we kayaked together one evening up Lacamas Creek, near Vancouver, Washington. He wore a bright yellow dogie life jacket, a PFD, if you prefer, and despite being the smallest one I could find, it barely left a tiny black nose and gray bobbed tail, fore and aft respectively. The manufacturer had thoughtfully sewn a black web handle on top, so when I carried him, he looked more like a lunch box than a dog. There was also a ‘D’ ring next to the handle where I attached his leash.

A lonely black Cormorant curiously shadowed us, criss-crossing our wake, daring the occasional broadside glance at us. I could only imagine what her amazing quad-chromatic visual sensors were telling her about what was moving inside that yellow lunch box.

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