Philip knew he needed to sleep, but he first had to contact a former colleague living in Warsaw. 1 She would be enjoying breakfast about now. Joanna Rutkowska 2 and Philip had worked on a security issue some years ago. He sent her a summary of his Grid issues via a secure protocol they had established for situations such as these. Joanna is the founder and CEO of Invisible Things Lab. 3. Philip disabled alerts on his phone and fell back against his pillow. Continue reading “Gamer”


Philip Wulf’s Gravity Journal — Day 5

After learning about Varney’s interstellar discoveries yesterday afternoon and after my heart stopped pounding, I activated extra security procedures. I wrapped all of my and Varney’s work within a secure VPN1 within the IGR system. I did not intend to hide my discoveries from the institute, only to keep quiet until I could think through the implications.

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Phillip Wulf’s Gravity Journal — Day 4

I was not able to go back to sleep this morning after being woken by Varney’s GEMs. I donned bathrobe and slippers, and Maria followed me downstairs where she put her nose to the glass slider to be let out. She was sitting patiently outside the glass slider when the microwave announced a hot cup of lemon herbal tea. We both tiptoed back up the walnut stairs and into my bonus room office-lab, where Maria obligingly curled around my slippered feet as I took a seat at my Mac workstation.

I had labored over the GEMs for nearly two hours and still failed to convince myself it was anything other than human error. My gut was telling me something else, so I decided to patch in a modification to Varney’s neural nets 1 that I had been pondering for several months. This was a good time to try it out.

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